Tracerbase Community Hub Proposal

Tracer DAO Growth Fund Proposal

Growth Fund Proposal


I, tratium offer my services on behalf of Starbased ( to Tracer DAO Growth Fund in order to work with the DAO on creating and maintaining “Tracerbase”, a community hub following in the footsteps of

The community generates content relevant to the Tracer ecosystem, but largely this content is scattered across many different sources (Twitter, Medium, Notion, etc) and hard to discover. Tracerbase would be a central source of news, media, documentation, guides, and more.

The feedback we have received from the Tokemak community has been outstanding — the utility of a central source of information maintained by dedicated community members cannot be understated.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reception and demand we see across this space, we are offering our expertise to friendly DAOs under the “Starbased” network of whitelabel community hubs.


We propose a tiered set of services, including:

  • Initial Setup of Tracerbase: $5,000 one-time fee
    • Scoping contents
    • Collaborating on a design
    • Implementing the design in code
    • Deploying hub to
    • Uploading existing content
  • Management & Editorial Fee: $2,500/mo
    • Hosting & Technical Costs
    • Onboard writers & content creators
    • Occasional Site Updates (additional links, sections, UI tweaks, etc.)
    • Starbased Team actively monitoring Tracer Socials for content/calls
    • Copyediting in order to maintain the editorial standards of Starbased
  • Podcast: Included value-add
    • Starbased has recently launched a Podcast, with the intention of publishing episodes on a semi-regular cadence.
    • We will not directly “shill” or endorse projects, however Starbased only takes on projects that we believe are valuable to the industry. As such, we will make an effort to discuss and highlight Tracer in episodes when appropriate.
    • tratium was a guest on an upstandingapes Twitter Space and was well-received by the community
  • Call Recordings: $1,500/mo for <10 hours of content
    • This service applies to various audio/video content created by the community
    • Recording the event
    • Add title card / intro animation and export
    • Uploading to YouTube
    • Publishing a companion post with brief “show notes” that summarize the high-level content
    • Rough transcript of the audio for hearing impaired listeners (or those who prefer written content)
    • Example: C.o.R.E. Spotlight - AMA with Rook
  • Detailed Call Summaries: $1,000/mo for <10 hours of content
    • This service is bundled with Call Recordings, but itemized for transparency.
    • “Key Takeaway” comprehensive notes that summarize the contents of the call.
    • Example:
    • This is generally fairly time consuming as it involves thorough listening, and the cost reflects that. However, these are extremely appreciated by the community and allow the content to reach a larger audience (who may not have time to listen to the full recordings).
  • +Edited Call Transcripts: $1,000/mo for <10 hours of content
    • This service is an optional add-on to Call Summaries.
    • Our editors will review the speech-to-text transcripts and perform line-by-line edits.
    • Example:
    • This is a time consuming process, but we have received many appreciative messages from hearing impaired community members for our attentive work on improving rough transcripts.

For the provision of these services, Starbased requests:

  • $5,000 USDC (or other trusted stablecoins) tokens immediately for the Initial Setup fee; and
  • $2,500 USDC (or other trusted stablecoins) monthly payment for the Management & Editorial fee; and
  • $1,500-3,500 USDC (or other trusted stablecoins) monthly payment for additional services that are agreed upon.

Payment in TCR (USD equivalent calculated at time of remuneration) is acceptable for the Call Recording / Summary / Transcript services, but not for the Initial Setup or Management & Editorial Fee.

Remuneration to be provided to: 0x07acF755717C368291086fDD3032fE8DFB331c70


If engaged by Proposal to provide the services described in this Proposal to the DAO, Starbased will provide the following deliverables:

  •, a hosted blog with custom theme (designed in collaboration with Tracer DAO).
  • Migration of legacy content (to the extent that the original creators permit).
  • Editorial services to review drafts, format copy, generate meta images, and maintain a consistent quality in published content.
  • Additional services as agreed upon above.

Other deliverables

Starbased’s services are not limited to the aforementioned, and if called upon for services in a role falling outside the outlined parameters of (Tracerbase maintenance, copyediting), time spent in said role will be deducted pro rata from requirements of the former.

Such additional services may include:

  • Creating original content (news, guides, documentation, etc.)

Variation and Termination

tratium acknowledges that, if engaged, my engagement can be varied or terminated by future Proposals. tratium expects that any engagement will be terminated if I fail to deliver in accordance with the deliverables specified above.

Conflicts of Interest

In the context of the Tracer project, conflicts of interest include:

Existing Service Providers who are Related Parties; and Existing (vested and unvested) holdings of TCR tokens. tratium wishes to declare the following conflicts of interest:

“No conflicts of interest to declare.”


Unless otherwise defined in this offer, all terms beginning with a capital letter which are defined in the Participation Agreement have the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.

If this offer is accepted as a Proposal under the Participation Agreement, tratium may more formally document aspects of that Proposal.

Copyright Waiver

Copyright and related rights to this Proposal are waived pursuant to CC0.


Tratium is one of the most competent content creator/ managers I’ve come across in this space. I thoroughly support this proposal.


Love the community hub proposal. My only concern is that 200$+/hr for Detailed Call Summaries seems a bit pricey

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Thank you for the feedback!

I’ve gone ahead and modified the proposal to reduce the cost of the Call Summaries by 50%, and have created an optional add-on for “Edited Transcripts”.

I would recommend the Edited Transcripts service for accessibility if you have hearing impaired community members, but it’s definitely a labor of love due to the effort required.

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Hey Tratium, thanks for doing the write up. I am very excited for a Tracerbase. For transparency, Tritium and I have collabed over the last fortnight to work out the details of the agreement detailed here.

My preference for engagement would be to start with:

  • the initial setup +
  • management/editorial fee,

and then introduce the optional add-ons (podcast, call recordings, call summaries and call transcripts) in the coming months, once we have re-jigged Tracer’s community calls & Tracer Drop, etc.

We’re in the middle of The Voyage which has put our usual community calls on hold. Once we resume these and have a more consistent stream of content which is when I think we could introduce the add-on.

Is it possible to limit the scope initially, to just the initial build and management fee?



Hey Tratium and community,

I’ve been a big fan of Tratium’s work in Tokemak and a big supporter of this proposal to bring Tracerbase to the community. Working with Tratium months back on the feature piece ’ Delta Neutral Strategy with Tracer’s Perpetual Pools’ was a pleasure and a demonstration of his quality work.

I agree with Kitty re preference for engagement. Getting the base set up and introducing additional add-ons when timing is right makes sense to me. Along with Kitty, I’ll stay involved with the roll out and execution of this if the community pass the proposal.

Looking forward to it!


@kitty.mycelium @lucas.mycelium

That makes sense and sounds reasonable to me! We’d be happy to start with the base and revisit the additional services when the time is right.

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The pricing sounds unreasonable to me for the services provided. I believe funding could be better allocated for a more significant impact at a lower cost. I would be open to this at a significantly reduced cost, but with current pricing I am strongly against this.

We could get alot more for alot less elsewhere. I am seeing over $60,000 in yearly expenses here. Tracer would be better off hiring a full time employee as a social media manager/website manager, or honestly just tons of better ways to spend this money.

Services sound just great, but the excessive recurring costs do not.

Some of the services are 350 dollars an hour. I have employees with masters degrees making 30 an hour.

Please consider why they need 350 an hour for some of these services. Are they using a entire team of backend devs for these <10 hour calls? Because with the current monthy rates we would pay 3500 a month to manage less than 10 hours of calls.

Also, I will personally offer to manage less than 10 hours of calls as well at $250 an hour, with all the included services relating to them.

I am a doctor IRL but managing community calls seems to pay better.

Hey @Kryos.eth,

I suggested that we could start with the initial build (costing US$5k) + the monthly management fee (costing US$2.5k).

I tend to agree that we don’t need the additional services, given the size of our community and the small amount of community calls, etc. that occur. Also given the state of the economy, the funds would be better allocated to other yield generating means.

However, I do still think that a community blog is a step in the right direction for the Tracer community, and if we’re going to engage any service provider for this project, Tratium is my pick. Tracer :handshake: Tokemak generally, and Tratium himself is a total pro (see what he’s done for the Toke community here).

If we limited the scope to what I have suggested above @Kryos.eth, US$2.5k monthly is $30k yearly. How do you feel about that?

Also, @tratium in the management fee I notice the proposal states:

“Starbased Team actively monitoring Tracer Socials for content/calls”

I assume this is only needed if we decide on adding the Call Recordings and Detailed Call Summaries add-ons. Otherwise, I don’t think that the Starbased team need to actively manage Tracer’s socials, given that Tracer’s core team + community mods are happy to help source writers and inspire community pieces, etc. If we removed this would it reduce the management fee at all? Or do Starbased need to monitor Tracer’s socials for other reasons?

Kitty :cat:

@Kryos.eth I appreciate the feedback, but I’d say that each hour of audio takes 2-3 hours to process with the “full package” – so 10 hours of audio does not simply equate to 10 hours of work.

The summaries are usually typed out roughly during the events, but often require a re-listen to catch additional details when polishing them up. The edited transcripts are very labor intensive, as they require line-by-line editing while scrubbing through the full event. Again, they are very appreciated by hearing impaired community members or for posterity/quoting/searching, but they are certainly priced in accordance with their LOE.

Hiring a FTE is certainly an option, but it can be difficult to find a single person who has technical knowledge to summarize complex crypto/DeFi jargon in layman’s terms as well as a talent for writing & editing. We also do dev work and some video post-production, although those skills aren’t needed here. But having a multitude of skills and many years of expertise tends to take a lot of load off of the teams we work with.

I also see many community blogs maintained by contributors go stale due to a lack of time/interest/incentive, and they end up falling apart. Tokebase has been noticed outside of our own community due to our reliability and consistency, and I think our attention to detail speaks for itself.

Sorry to hear about employees with masters degrees making $30 an hour :frowning: We all wish the economy valued these kinds of knowledgable workers better!

@kitty.mycelium We do like to stay up-to-date on the happenings in a DAO so we have context for any content that comes through, but yes, if we won’t be moving forward with the Call Recordings at this time that does remove some of the burden there. We can knock the management fee down to $2,250.

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I like the Proposal. and after checking @tratium work, I don´t see how this can go wrong.

Community blog is very important and needed, and I know how labor intensive is to manage all of that, it takes time! I don´t know if what @tratium is asking is too much, from my own experience I think the price is reasonable, but I´m not sure what the rest of the community thinks.
Definitely is not a great idea to Hire a full time employee for this kind of work.
However @Kryos.eth has raised some good points and perhaps TracerDAO finds a balance.
my suggestion is to start with a smaller budget and as we go request more funds.

anyways, thank you @tratium for proposing to our community, I truly believe you can do a awesome job.

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I would be for the proposal at the 30k a year mark. I use an edited transcription service daily, so I have a very good idea of the costs entailed. Long story short this can be done well at a fraction of the price, which is why I am so strongly against that part of the proposal.

As far as the rest, it seems like it could indeed be a reasonable proposal at that point and I would vote yes at the 30k mark. I can see there is likely a much higher value returned in relation to the cost, and this would certainly benefit tracer. I do believe the services could be found cheaper but I am not very familiar with tratium and an argument could be made that their service is extremely high quality. In the area’s confined to the 30k yearly proposal quality is important for success. This seems quite a bit more reasonable and overall a good allocation of funds.

If we need a transcription solution, I won’t jump into specifics here, but we can do this accurately for much less. I will leave that discussion for another time, I do not want to digress from the proposal. If anyone wants to chat on this topic just PM me. :slight_smile: Hope to be working with tratium soon!


Can we push this proposal to Snapshot?

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