Tracer: Perpetual Swaps & Alpha Testers

Lion’s Mane is in the final stages of developing a perpetual swap contract to present to Tracer DAO, which can be reviewed, proposed and then deployed for testing. There are still many steps that we hope to see completed before a mainnet launch, including contract auditing, testing and community building. Lion’s Mane will be facilitating alpha testing of the code to ensure that it is secure and rid of any bugs.

Lion’s Mane is now collecting applications from potential Alpha Testers. We’re looking for applicants who are:

  • Traders;
  • Market Makers;
  • Insurers;
  • Liquidators; or
  • Oracle Experts.

Lion’s Mane will be collating applications before allowing existing DAO governors to choose a list of 100 Alpha Testers. It is anticipated that chosen testers will be granted 25,000 governance rights (TCR tokens) each, as well as 2,500 additional governance rights for each other successful applicant which they refer.

Apply to be an Alpha Tester: here

The selection of Alpha Testers will be conducted for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Link to Radar article: here

Link to Perpetual Swaps Whitepaper: here

Feel free to ask any questions relating to the Alpha Testing process in the reply threads below.


Applied for the Alpha Tester programme, hope it’s not too late to get in :slight_smile:

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@kirbyong No not too late! we look to running process up to the 22 March.