SourceCred Announcement


After the idea generated significant interest in the Tracer Discord last month, @ben.mycelium and I have been working with SourceCred to deliver a trial instance for the Tracer community. The default paramaters of SourceCred have been applied to create the Tracer leaderboard for Discord.

In the future, it is possible for Tracer’s SourceCred to also include activity from other platforms, such as Discourse or Github. SourceCred is a tool which allows communities to measure and reward value creation through contributions. The Tracer SourceCred instance measures contributions made since 14 February 2021, ensuring Tracer’s earliest contributors can be recognised and rewarded.

The motivation for using SourceCred is to reward individuals who make valuable contributions, for example, those which spark discussion and receive positive reactions. Lion’s Mane (Mycelium) have tabled this initiative hoping that it will increase the attention, participation and bandwidth of all Tracer community members. Community members will need to opt-in to this program to be eligible for rewards. Any custom parameters for Tracer’s SourceCred instance, and associated rewards, will be finalised based on the comments and feedback collected at the bottom of this post, or on Discord.

As the trial instance currently stands, there are no rewards . Once consensus is achieved, Tracer DAO can pass a Proposal to commence distributing a fixed amount of TCR per week based on the Cred and Grain scores accumulated by users across Discord and, if desired, other platforms (for example, Discourse or Github).

Other protocols using SourceCred

SourceCred is already being used to enhance the governance of multiple other protocols, including:

  • Maker;
  • Index Coop;
  • Balancer; and
  • 1Hive.

Exempt parties

Tracer DAO’s Service Providers (ie, at the time of writing, Lion’s Mane (Mycelium), Sigma Prime, RMIT BIH, DeFi Pulse) and their team members will not receive rewards via SourceCred for their contributions to the Tracer community.

To avoid this program being exploited through bots or through collusion between actors, SourceCred and the Tracer community will be monitoring the Cred distributed by the instance and will take action if malicious activity occurs.

Let’s Discuss

Please indicate your preferences below:

How much TCR should be distributed per week to SourceCred incentives?
  • 1000 TCR
  • 2500 TCR
  • 5000 TCR
  • 10,000 TCR

0 voters

Are you in favour of implementing SourceCred?
  • Yes
  • No

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Tracer DAO can choose to allocate 5% of all TCR tokens distributed through SourceCred initiatives to SourceCred, in consideration for SourceCred providing the following services:

  • Weekly reports on Cred scores, posted to Discourse, where community members can discuss questions and concerns with the SourceCred team;
  • Building moderation tools as needed to protect against attacks and gaming;
  • Updating UI and documentation based on questions and feedback;
  • Creating and processing subjective surveys; and
  • Producing reports for the Tracer community to analyse the results of using SourceCred.
Are you in favour of paying 5% of SourceCred-related distributions to SourceCred for the services listed above?
  • Yes
  • No

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Additionally, it would be great to hear what kinds of contributions are considered valuable by the Tracer community, such as:

  • The relative weight given to posts, replies and reactions;
  • The relative weight given to posts in certain channels, certain emojis, etc.; and
  • What platforms should be included (currently only Discord) - Discourse and GitHub are available.

Add your thoughts below, or on Discord.

Next Steps

The program will only begin following a successful proposal, this post hopes to generate discussion to gauge the sentiment of the community.


Find out more information on the SourceCred algorithm:


Personally, I’m in favour of implementing SourceCred, but I think we should hold off on determining TCR distribution per week until we work off the kinks and are more comfortable with it.

I’m also in favour of allocating portions of TCR to SourceCred if we do decide to use it to distribute TCR to community members.

For reference, MakerDAO currently distributes 5000DAI weekly through SourceCred. Source


I agree that we shouldn’t be determining TCR distribution/week this early. The amount decided by this poll definitely won’t be set in stone.

I think sourcecred is a good way to reward the active participants. We use it in MetaGame discord.The only problem i have seen with it is people just giving emoji’s very generously or handing out high paying emoji’s for basic things.So maybe set up some kind of warning system for over rewarding


Greatly in favor of using a system like SourceCred. The contributers who aren’t developers, but do put their time and energy in discussions and actions should be recognised and rewarded. I haven’t seen SourceCred in action yet, but I’ll do some research in the Maker/Balancer Discord to find out how people like it.


I think we should keep it to discord for the trial - answering questions in general, dev talk in technical and governance should be highest reward - off-topic and dao members should be excluded

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+1 for sourcecred, it or something like it will become a gold standard for DAOs.