Research collaboration between Tracer DAO and RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub (BIH)

Along with my colleagues Jason Potts, Sinclair Davidson, I (Chris Berg, personal website here) am a research leader with the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub in Melbourne, Australia. We are very interested in the Tracer project, and are very keen to conduct research into the development of governance and cryptoeconomic design relating to Tracer and the Tracer DAO. We propose a research collaboration between the Tracer DAO and the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub.

For some background: the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub is the world’s first social science research centre on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We specialise in cryptoeconomics (particularly what we’ve called ‘institutional cryptoeconomics’), as well as the law, finance, politics, accounting and sociology of blockchain. Our current research is focused on the economics and finance of defi, including developing defi protocols, and frontier research into governance. The three of us are co-authors on both the Tracer: Peer-to-Peer Finance Whitepaper and the Tracer: Perpetual Swaps Whitepaper.

This research collaboration would focus on a number of specific research areas: i) publications focusing on Tracer’s technical governance specifications; ii) publications looking at the role oracles play within the Tracer ecosystem; and iii) publications documenting the frontiers of defi governance and economics that can inform the development of Tracer, as well as what we can learn from Tracer itself.

All of our research is produced as both formal academic scholarship and accessible writing - our long standing Medium page is here - and we will provide this to the Tracer community through Discourse and Discord.

In parallel to this research collaboration, some members of the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub are interested to participating in Tracer and the Tracer DAO. We expect to request to be allocated governance tokens to do so. Any involvement with governance would be as private individuals, and as such, within a strictly non-professional capacity. However, this participation will draw on the publicly available research of RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub into Tracer, decentralised finance, and blockchain governance.


I think that RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub partnering up with the Tracer DAO would be a great initiative @chrisberg - for Tracer to evolve into a standard for financial contracts the project certainly needs some robust theoretic foundations. I support this immeasurably and can certainly speak on behalf of the rest of the Lion’s Mane team.


Great project in the future.
I hope your team will be best more and useful to everyone.
Wishing team all the best.


Would very much love to see this happen! Many topics in the Crypto space are yet to be deeply explored, and having individuals with your expertise will only help Tracer and the Crypto world grow!

Very keen to see what develops in the research topics mentioned.