Proposal #6: New Governors (Batch 1)

Lion’s Mane has recommended the following proposal to the DAO. If DAO members are in favour of the recommendation, a formal Governance Proposal to the DAO must be made as well the proposal being pushed on-chain and approved to engage the new governors.

As mentioned, this proposal is a recommendation which is open to suggestions for any changes in deliverables/remuneration/specific terms that members see fit. Members are able convey such suggestions in the comments thread below. If a change is deemed worthy by the DAO, the proposal can be updated before it is pushed to a formal governance proposal.


Tracer DAO is inviting new governors to join the DAO to govern the Tracer Protocol. Over the coming weeks, 200 new governors will be accepted into the DAO. Candidates are considered for selection from the following categories as per the Radar Article: Govern Tracer:

  • Oracle Experts
  • Protocol Governors
  • Smart Contract Engineers
  • Ecosystem Advocates
  • Market Pioneers
  • Market Makers
  • Active DeFi Users
  • Crypto Economists
  • Eth2 Node Operators & Researchers
  • Integrations Team
  • Designers
  • Layer 2 Experts

As a part of Lion’s Mane’s engagement to Tracer DAO, a recommended list of applicants was curated and presented to current DAO members for discussion and approval. The process used to create the recommended list can be found here Governor Applications: Lion’s Mane Recommendation.

Lion’s Mane has recommended that governors are accepted by Tracer DAO in batches of ~50. The reasons supporting this revised approach:

  1. In the short term, accepting ~50 new DAO governors allows more voices to be heard on each proposal; and
  2. By accepting members in batches, Tracer DAO is likely to attract more potential governors via the networks of already accepted governors.

It is important to remember that this process is designed to cultivate the best possible group of decentralised Tracer DAO governors, who will lead Tracer to change the financial industry as we know it.

In line with this revised approach, Lion’s Mane will:

  1. Reopen applications for Tracer DAO governors; and
  2. Apply a similar methodology to collating the Tracer Alpha Tester applications, which are still being received.

The following proposal, if engaged, will accept the first batch of new governors into Tracer DAO.


  1. 1 TCR vested on the day that member is engaged (if engaged); and
  2. 49,999 TCR vesting in equal monthly instalments over a two year period, starting on the day that the new governors are engaged, except during the first two months following engagement. On the first day following those first two months, 1/12 of the tokens will vest. Subsequently, vested tokens may be claimed at any time.


If this DAO Proposal is accepted, new governors will commit to ( Deliverables ):

  1. Voting on each Tracer DAO Proposal; and
  2. Active engagement in Tracer’s communications channels (Discourse, Discord, Twitter). This includes contributing to discussion relating to upcoming proposals (justified for/against).

The proposed first batch of 52 new governors can be found here:
Tracer >|< Governor Applications - Final LM Recommendation

Variation and Termination

  1. New governors acknowledge that, if engaged, their engagement can be varied by future Proposals.
  2. New governors expect that any engagement will be terminated if they fail to deliver in accordance with the Deliverables specified above.


Unless otherwise defined in this Proposal, all terms beginning with a capital letter which are defined in the Participation Agreement have the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.

If this Proposal is accepted as a Proposal under the Participation Agreement, members may more formally document aspects of that Proposal.

Copyright Waiver

Copyright and related rights are waived pursuant to CC0.

Technical Implementation of Proposal

In order for the 52 governors to be engaged to provide the services described above, the following targets and relevant proposalData must be passed to the DAO, via Proposal, by a current DAO member, in order to facilitate the execution of that Proposal. For each piece of proposalData provided, the function encoded data that must be passed into the DAO is present, as well as the parameters and function calls used to generate this data. By utilising a package such as web3, any DAO member may verify this data using the web3.eth.abi.decodeParameters function (web3.eth.abi — web3.js 1.0.0 documentation).

The steps that the DAO must execute in order to appoint the new DAO members are as follows:

  1. Transfer 52 * 49999 TCR tokens to the vesting contract. Tokens to be linearly vested over 2 years with a 2 month cliff;
  2. Allow new governors (52) to claim 1 TCR token;

Step 1

name: Transfer 52 * 49999 = 2599948 TCR tokens to the new vesting contract

target: 0x9C4A4204B79dd291D6b6571C5BE8BbcD0622F050



raw data:

  • Function: transfer
  • Parameters:
    • Type: address
    • Name: to
    • Value: 0x399257702f0f05ebec30c17b8888be1b2a321e36
    • Type: uint256
    • Name: amount
    • Value: 2599948000000000000000000

Step 2

name: Transfer 52 TCR to the airdropper contract

target: 0x9C4A4204B79dd291D6b6571C5BE8BbcD0622F050



raw data:

  • Function: transfer
  • Parameters:
    • Type: address
    • Name: to
    • Value: 0x45eca81a5bfbDd58cafB225bD4C9c49c8DB99754
    • Type: uint256
    • Name: amount
    • Value: 52000000000000000000

Proposal was executed on-chain and pushed as an old formal proposal by @Magnus - dated 7/04/21