Proposal #24: MarketAcross - PR & Marketing Campaign


MarketAcross offers its services to Tracer DAO (DAO) in order to work with the DAO on targeted PR & content marketing campaigns. MarketAcross is the world’s leading blockchain PR & marketing firm that provides a complete end-to-end marketing solution for projects such as Tracer DAO. We guarantee results, by using blockchain storytelling to execute success-based full-stack marketing and growth campaigns.

Within our proposal, we will provide services including:

  1. Positioning and messaging strategy - Taking a deep dive into your solution and assembling a detailed brief on what angles we believe should be pushed to which media.

  2. Advisory - Provide our experienced inputs on on-going matters, whether PR or marketing relevant.

  3. Press releases - Strategizing, drafting, and distributing news announcements you have with a guarantee for a minimum amount of hits.

  4. Media outreach - Identifying relevant publications for each news announcement and actively pitching reporters in an attempt to secure maximum and optimal coverage.

  5. Content marketing - Utilizing our network to communicate educational content and third-party coverage according to the agreed upon market positioning and messaging strategy, this could include:

  6. AMAs and podcasts - We will work to connect with influencers in Finance/Crypto and in order to generate coverage to your brand as well as to highlight your executive team. This will be achieved primarily via podcasts and YouTube channel coverage pieces, as well as setting up AMAs on telegram.

  7. Social amplification - Amplifying the media hits on Reddit/4Chan to create virality. Getting more eyeballs and amplifying our top articles through our vast reddit network - we guarantee to upvote to at least top 5 on any top subreddit we would choose to go for. On the 4Chan front, we would be pushing daily threads to make sure we control and shape up the narratives we are pushing alongside our media outreach efforts.

  8. Generating Link building value from powerful domains to keywords you would like to push.

  9. Moderation and reports - Biweekly reporting and/or calls on-demand, monthly reports of coverage we secured.


For the provision of these services, MarketAcross requests:

  1. € 100,000.00 (Paid in USDC) upfront, made to address:


Please send us the TXID to so we can associate the payment on our end


If engaged by Proposal to provide the services described in this Proposal to the DAO, MarketAcross will provide the following (Deliverables):

Messaging Development:

  1. Messaging Brief
  2. On-going Adjustments & strategy

PR & Content Marketing:

  1. At least 50x unique articles and media coverage

Social Amplifications:

  1. 20x Promotions on any of the following platforms: Reddit/ Telegram AMAs/ Podcasts/ YouTube/ Quora.

4Chan and guerilla marketing:

  1. 100x 4chan threads /comments with supporting replies.

Variation and Termination

  1. MarketAcross acknowledges that, if engaged, its engagement can be varied or terminated by future Proposals it offers.
  2. MarketAcross expects that any engagement will be terminated if they fail to deliver in accordance with the deliverables specified above.
  3. Each party may terminate this engagement with prior notice of 60 days in writing, after the lapse of one month from the launch of the campaign.

Conflicts of Interest

In the context of the Tracer project, conflicts of interest include:

  1. Existing Service Providers who are Related Parties; and
  2. Existing (vested and unvested) holdings of TCR tokens.

MarketAcross wishes to declare the following conflicts of interest:

  1. No conflicts of interest to declare.


Unless otherwise defined in this offer, all terms beginning with a capital letter that are defined in the Participation Agreement have the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.

If this offer is accepted as a Proposal under the Participation Agreement, MarketAcross may more formally document aspects of that Proposal.

Copyright Waiver

Copyright and related rights to this Proposal are waived pursuant to CC0.


A genuine question. Is this a serious proposal?

“100x 4chan threads /comments with supporting replies.”

I’m sure many, perhaps most of us have a secret affinity for all things Biz, but is this the level of marketing we “Tracer” are aiming for?

And yes, I am fully expecting to be berated for this response.


at first when i read this it sounded like a joke but the more i think about it it actually seems reasonable and the 4chan part actually to me just shows how well encompassed their spectrum of avenues will be.

50 unique articles, 20 promotions, seems pretty valuable to me if you break it down into each individual different advertisement 100k shrinks quickly and makes this seem good i think.

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Thank you for the proposal, it is good that we are examining ways to increase outreach (though not sure this is #1 prio atm?)

A few comments:

I have commissioned this type of work maybe 10 times and never have I seen a 6 figure number paid upfront for a long term project. You want a retainer? Sure, maybe we can pay upfront for the first pieces of work, but not the full amount of the entire contract. What assurances would we then have on delivery?

Secondly, a more general point on this process. I think if the Tracer DAO wants these types of services we should go out and have a competitive process. Clearly Market Across is a solid provider and seems to have some good testimonials, but if we are serious about this type of work I think there should be some negotiations with core contributors to align on needs and then present it to the community. Maybe this has already been done, but this was not clear from the proposal.

This is not the first proposal made where contributors are asking to get paid large amounts. To avoid that the governance forum devolves into a place where half the topics are self-authored token grabs, I think we need to establish a process/guidance how contributors/contractors are onboarded into the community, as I proposed here:

We want the forum to be a high impact place for discussions about strategy.


“Guerilla Marketing” - “100x 4chan threads /comments with supporting replies.”

Come on, how is this good for Tracer? Just by reading the proposal it seems you guys are asking for $100k just to spam social media platforms with posts about Tracer and even faking engagement on those posts (WTF) which I dont think is something we want to support.

Didnt like the Bankless marketing too ,much, but in comparison, its way better than this. Wont be supporting this if it ever reaches a formal governance vote.

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I will address @bobbyreddog, @H0NKER and @m4ri0ml’s point regarding the 4chan threads.

As some of you may be aware, ‘marketing’ in the crypto/DeFi environment should not be thought of through the traditional lens. Marketing companies not only have to come up with more creative ways to market, but they also have to understand where the majority of the audiences are located. 4Chan was one of the ‘O.G.’ places where a lot of DeFi culture was born and is inevitably where you can attract the right audience for DeFi projects.

Additionally, the Mycelium team have been speaking with the Market Across team prior to this proposal being raised and are confident that they will execute to provide great value for Tracer DAO.

I understand your sentiment around the upfront payment. Perhaps we could add a payment schedule to be included in the proposal due to the size of the project.

On your point quoted above, I would not be against having a decentralised ‘tendering process’ for presented types of work. Perhaps creating a system to be put in place is in order.

For additional context,

There were prior negotiations with the core team (Mycelium).

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“marketing’ in the crypto/DeFi environment should not be thought of through the traditional lens.”

Does that justify faking positive comments and engagement?


I think that’s an act of deception.
The Chinese often do this.
Does Tracer want to be scorned by the industry?

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Hi all,

Avinoam from the MarketAcross team here. Just wanted to say we are happy to have our offering evaluated and highly appreciate your business.

Re: the 4chan offering, to clarify, any community or social media engagements will be initiated per your directive. We can guarantee that any social engagement work will always be transparent and clear and will involve starting discussions and initiating AMA sessions with a project official or other activities that are clearly a promotion of the project.

Additionally, you may completely opt out of the 4chan promotions and can “pick and choose” your campaign deliverable inventory based on your preference, strategy and overall needs.

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I have great respect for the art of marketing, so I understand how powerful a good ally in this field can be, so would be supportive of this initiative. Three areas of concern, some of which come up and seem echoed in the comments to date:

  1. Up front payment vs a payment schedule in tranches. I believe in the tranched payment approach, but also understand bootstrapping requires an initial “burst” of funds since historical success does not guarantee future success as a marketer, each client is different and each field is different, and needs some initial strategising. We are in a very different field with the crypto-world for projects where it’s very easy to overpromise and underdeliver, and we don’t want this happening with TracerDAO as we do have a solid offering today, with many more to come, and need our marketing parties to have initial funding sufficient to research and compose/build a campaign that promotes the product on its strengths but doesn’t overhype it for a short term burst of additional participation at a cost of longer term unmet expectations.
    Similar to DAO grants for new initiatives, it would be useful to understand what the measurement metrics for “successful marketing” would be, so that a fair tranche schedule could be proposed as an amendment here.
  2. Reputation of MarketAcross as a business entity and as a marketing agency. Credentials of the marketing agency, via a portfolio of past history of work done (with success metrics) and future work engaged (with success metrics) would be useful for the broader community to keep in mind, as this can be extended to TracerDAO’s own reputation. We see this evolving with projects like Reputation.Link for on-chain analytics of relationships between smart contracts, and off-chain thru social media and traditional news itself (think what the WallStreetBets movement did). Some information about the agency, its founders/professionals engaged and immediate past projects would be useful to evaluate, and further extended to the tranche clauses so that if while engaged some activity takes place that is considered unethical or unacceptable to the TracerDAO community by the set terms, it is reflected in the terms of engagement.
  3. Timing. It is important that analysis paralysis does not overtake the need for active and responsive marketing engagement. We are in a new realm, but also a competitive one for the mindshare of our audiences. While some of the conditions mentioned previously may not be immediately executable (like the metrics and reputation monitoring, especially if we brought these into an on-chain or oracle feed to not “move the goal post” on these in an inequitable manner to the agency), we could amend the initial proposal with time frames on tranches or sunset clauses, where at the end of one sunset, the progress of these campaigns as well as development of the reputation monitoring bits can be reported, at which point sunset is either delayed till the next tranche, or the additional bits now added as conditions for release of further tranches. A “right of first refusal” can be added if these metrics at some point are voted as a standard for continued ethical engagement with 3rd parties, so that MarketAcross can also be fairly considered when these metrics are established, as I believe good work should also be rewarded.
    I am by no means an expert in marketing, and I wasn’t part of any off-line conversations, so I may have missed discussions that cover these points already, if so, please forgive the noise.

This post- especially the part on payment in installments at agreed milestones. That’s just good contract management to avoid inferior outcomes, such as the hypothetical purchase of inferior diesel-powered subs (for all my Australian compatriots!).


I’d like to echo concerns above and state that I do not think this proposal, as it is currently drafted, will drive value to the DAO. Such marketing techniques are often better coordinated within the decentralised community, so as to maintain a natural growth effect. As a veteran reddit and 4Chan user, I can say quite confidently that any hint of unnatural growth or paid shilling will be met with great distaste from the reddit and 4chan community. Any sort of pushback from these communities can also last for months.
I’d like to protect the integrity of the DAO’s decentralised image, and fear engaging in this kind of behaviour may result in an undesirable outcome.


Agreed. The “guerilla marketing” on 4chan and Reddit promotions sounds just like astroturfing to me. It’s going to backfire more than anything.

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Okay good, I think if the proposal was developed with the core team and it aligns with its needs and that the core team thinks it is a competitive proposal then I am in favor of it. I think for future proposals it is really nice if it is not the beneficiary that starts the proposal in the forum, this way it looks a lot less like a cash grab. Imo this is a good filtering mechanism too, if they are able to get the buy in of the core team, then it is probably not a bad proposal. Meanwhile if it is coming from some random company we never heard of then we have much more of a reason to be critical.


Hi all,

Avinoam from the MarketAcross team here. First of all, we’d like to thank you for your trust and again for evaluating our offer.

I’d like to tell a little bit more about MarketAcross and the service it offers so that the voters on this proposal may make a more informed decision.

MarketAcross was founded in 2016 by an interdisciplinary team of marketers who also happen to be early adopters of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. After having found success with our SaaS/traditional startup marketing agency InboundJunction, we aimed at becoming to go-to full-service marketing & PR agency for crypto projects, and I am happy to say that we have become just that. We’ve worked with some of the industry’s leading, world-renowned projects and brands such as Binance, Polygon, Balancer, Tezos, Solana, and others.

We have become the preferred partner of these brands a lot due to our unorthodox pricing model, which has us getting very proactive in securing media for our clients. In contrast to other agencies, we do not believe in the ‘Flat Retainer’ business model where typically you pay a retainer to the marketer and just hope they deliver.

With us, you buy an inventory of deliverable marketing/PR ‘items’ and we charge for delivering said quantifiable items. In this setup, we are fully committed to delivering, and in the (extremely) rare case we do not deliver the services we are committed to by contract, you will be eligible for a refund or credit until we fulfill our obligation.

Should the distinguished community of advocates of TracerDAO make the decision to go ahead with MarketAcross as their agency of choice, we will lay down a PR/marketing strategy and deliver a tailor-made and ad-hoc campaign that is managed by account managers and marketers who understand your business.

Happy to take any questions that might arise!


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Agree here. An upfront payment thats anything more than a nominal deposit is crazy

I believe this will overall benefit the protocol. However, I think it would yield the most benefit if it can be closely coordinated with the launch of V2. What that would look like more specifically I’m not sure, but I think that if a degree of timing and coordination was put in by both our marketing team and the MarketAcross team it would be good.

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