Proposal #13: Bankless Media Partnership


Bankless LLC is proposing a limited media partnership with Tracer DAO, using its marketing verticals to help promote Tracer’s upcoming DeFi products.

Bankless prides itself on serving as a media staple in the world of decentralized finance, prioritizing the values that brought us to crypto in the first place: self-sovereignty, fairness, and openness. Bankless started in 2019 as a newsletter, and added a podcast in 2020. In 2021, we have earned our place as a self-sustaining media company dedicated to democratizing access to information across the DeFi landscape.

As a commitment to these values, we planted our flag with Bankless DAO, the first media and culture-centric DAO, on a mission to propagate crypto media, culture, and values to 1 billion people.

A key component of the Bankless mission is our marketing partnerships, in which we develop mutually-beneficial relationships with projects we believe in. The unique advantage of partnering with Bankless is the opportunity to work with an informed team that cares about DeFi values, as well as access to a powerful network of loyal followers who trust our partners.

We have found particular success in our ‘Blitz’ campaigns, which involve focused, 2-week sessions of intense media coverage across our Twitter, Youtube, Podcast, and Newsletter platforms. These Blitzes work especially well when announcing new projects, events, or exciting community developments. Flexibility in our content, communication with our partners and partnering communities, and crafting organic & engaging narratives are all important to us.

The scope of the partnership is set out below, detailing two such Blitzes to take place August 16-31 and September 16-30 of 2021.

We are excited to team up with Tracer DAO and spread the word of its innovative and capital efficient approach to derivative contracts. We are interested in following Tracer DAO’s progress and want to be a part of its launch into the DeFi ecosystem.


For the provision of these services, Bankless requests:

  1. 30,000 USDC to be paid immediately upon approval of the Proposal.

Payment made to Bankless ETH address: 0x844e211e291077B11221c0F18615a64F2Ff19c26 OR bankless.eth.


If engaged by Proposal to provide the services described in this Proposal to the DAO, Bankless will provide the following (Deliverables):

•A Two-Week Marketing Blitz Campaign on Bankless’s Media Platforms (August 16-31) consisting of:

  1. 4x 10 Second Mentions on Podcasts (and show notes)
  2. 4x 10 Second Mentions on Videos (and show notes)
  3. 8x Tweets across our primary Twitter accounts
  4. 5x Newsletter Mentions

•A Two-Week Marketing Blitz Campaign on Bankless’s Media Platforms (September 16-30) consisting of:

  1. 4x 10 Second Mentions on Podcasts (and show notes)
  2. 4x 10 Second Mentions on Videos (and show notes)
  3. 8x Tweets across our primary Twitter accounts
  4. 5x Newsletter Mentions

Variation and Termination

  1. Bankless acknowledges that, if engaged, its engagement can be varied or terminated by future Proposals.
  2. Bankless expects that any engagement will be terminated if they fail to deliver in accordance with the deliverables specified above.

Conflicts of Interest

In the context of the Tracer project, conflicts of interest include:

  1. Existing Service Providers who are Related Parties; and
  2. Existing (vested and unvested) holdings of TCR tokens.

Bankless wishes to declare the following conflicts of interest:

  1. No conflicts of interest to declare.


Unless otherwise defined in this offer, all terms beginning with a capital letter which are defined in the Participation Agreement have the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.

If this offer is accepted as a Proposal under the Participation Agreement, Bankless may introduce more formally documented aspects of the Proposal.

Copyright Waiver

Copyright and related rights to this Proposal are waived pursuant to CC0.


Is there even anything to advertise yet?

@Tdao it’d be for building the pre-launch hype for our product.

Looks solid, be great to spread more awareness to the Bankless audience.

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Why does it need pre-launch hype… let’s just hype it once it’s launched.

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Fair point @Tdao - the Bankless ‘Media Blitz’ package is best suited for product launches. We are planning marketing/advertising initiatives so Tracer can hit the ground running at the start of September. As they say any publicity is good publicity!

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Pushed to Snapshot


Anddddd almost forgot! Welcome @luke_bankless :smile:


I arrived here via the Bankless podcast, I’m a long term, dedicated listener and a massive supporter of both Ryan and David.

That said, I’d like everyone to properly consider what Tracer DAO is getting, in terms of tangible value for money…

  • 1 hour per week of consultation to the Mycelium team in connection with its development of Tracer;
  • Private advisor channel with response to requests for assistance in 48 hours;

Personally, I think 1 hour per week is unlikely to yield value … is there room for negotiation, with a view to increasing this?

I’d also like more details as to exactly what we can expect in terms of engagement…via the proposed private advisor channel?

Thank you,

@decentrasaurus can you please transfer your question onto the correct proposal to which you are referring to? This proposal is not for the advisory role for Ryan and David.

It would be good to do a debrief and see if the monies provided accrued the value initially intended…

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