Overview of L2 tech by Aztec CEO

Aztec CEO attempts to give an unbiased overview of the pros and cons of each type of L2. He doesn’t name names but warns some popular roll ups are cutting important corners because the pressure to launch in time to get first to market is so extreme. These cut corners are around things like data availability, decisions that centralize down with too few L2 nodes, users not being able to unilaterally withdraw using only info on L1, not having auditable methods or proofs.

Aztec and its dark smart contract language noir does not get enough attention, but it is a L2 and would tend to be biased but they do not currently have a token to influence their neutrality.

We should take the concerns in here seriously regarding number of L2 nodes, L1 info only trap doors, and having their method and proof audited. Some big names have issues in these areas if we are to trust the Aztec CEO and should question L2 projects about these topics before considering or deploying to their network.