May 2022 Tracer CN Media & Community Summary

Hi Tracer community,

We have prepared May summary of Tracer CN media and community in below.
Happy to hear any comments and suggestions! :smiley:



For clickable pdf version. Please find in this Google folder.

@SPP thank you for providing us with this report, it’s a great summary. The FAQ & V2 feedback section is particularly interesting to me. How many Chinese community members do you think are participating in the voyage? We could create a quiz in Mandarin if you think it would be valuable.

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Great Report @SPP. Particularly, the Community Insights’ Product feedback. Look forward to seeing this progress.

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Hey Kit,
An estimiation around 15-20 users in CN community on the voyage rn from twitter new followers and discord channel activities. Yesterday upon your suggestion, we did a small poll on discord channel, it looks so far we are good to use the EN quiz!

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Nice writeup. Just curious, what do you mean “Questions about the mechanism”?

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