Marketing/advocacy efforts to TradFi outlets?

Hi Tracer Community!

This is somewhat linked to my last post, but I was wondering if Tracer DAO had any upcoming efforts to increase its engagement with TradFi? Only my perspective of course, but the growth fund proposals put up so far relating to marketing/engagement so far seem to focus on getting the message about Tracer out to the DeFi community.

Tracer community has already made some promising progress in getting the word out to institutional finance (the AFR article earlier year on its capital raising, and the submissions @jack-mycelium made to the Senate enquiries). The following outlets might be good to consider:

  • Livewire markets, this is pretty much the virtual watercooler for the Australian asset management sector;
  •, they’ve done some excellent articles on what the big overseas banks and custodians are doing to prepare to engage with crypto, they’ve also got a space for sponsored content;
  • Economics Explained, which is a podcast hosted by a former (Australian) Treasury official. His previous topics demonstrate a willingness to engage with a broad range of ideas, and some of his podcasts have been picked up in more mainstream coverage;
  • Epicenter, this is a podcast focussing on the DeFi community, but the hosts have a really good grasp on institutional finance’s architecture.

I may only have a piece of overall puzzle as to Tracer’s overall engagement strategy, so I’d be happy if someone wanted to explain this in greater detail.


I think this is worth bringing up and discussing. I don’t have any comments about the specific outlets that have been proposed, but I do think there needs to be a discussion about who are the partners Tracer wants to have, and plan the efforts accordingly.

Thus far, I’ve seen proposals of sponsoring podcasts like Bankless and Defiant (which both are great IMO), but are there any other marketing activities, including reaching out to countless Defi protocols directly, CEXes, and TradFi players to engage them in conversation and Tracer benefits. Doing non-scalable activities at the beginning is often the key to get the ball rolling.

I am happy to put together a proposal for doing this type of work if it aligns with the vision and wishes of the DAO.


@Viz, I think you’re from Europe? If so, one thing you might want to consider are any local/regional opportunities to promote Tracer on.

While finance is borderless (and DeFi certainly is), regulation is still bounded by jurisdictions. Not only are there different appetites for crypto broadly depending on the location, particular aspects of DeFi have gained more traction in certain jurisdictions moreso than others.

Case in point, the EU seems to be the most receptive to incorporating blockchain/DLT into its financial infrastructure, which would fit nicely with Tracer’s future plans.

I am from Europe, yes, but the question is nuanced. What Tracer is providing would likely be considered a financial product (EU doesn’t have a unified crypto regulation, i.e some Member States have specific crypto licenses while others do not. These crypto licenses usually enable exchanging virtual currency against fiat money and vice versa, but leverage products are out of scope). These types of financial products can be offered by regulated (under MiFID II) Funds or Investment Firms, which most crypto exchanges and services today are not (i.e potential partners don’t have these necessary licenses). But of course, there are funds and investment firms that provide cryptocurrency exposure, and it is possible to work towards these partnerships as well.

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Hi @Viz, thanks for that’s that’s helpful- especially about leveraged products being treated differently, I suspect they take a broad definition of the concept which may have implications for a product like Tracer’s perpetual pools down the road.

In my view, the EU is the jurisdiction with the most developed plan so far on how to incorporate DLT into their financial infrastructure (perhaps followed by the UK). Given the natural alignment between that plan and Tracer’s future aspirations, I feel like there could be a significant benefit if Tracer was picked up by the regional discussion on DeFI in the EU.

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Yes, I totally agree with this.