Marketing/advocacy efforts to TradFi outlets?

Hi Tracer Community!

This is somewhat linked to my last post, but I was wondering if Tracer DAO had any upcoming efforts to increase its engagement with TradFi? Only my perspective of course, but the growth fund proposals put up so far relating to marketing/engagement so far seem to focus on getting the message about Tracer out to the DeFi community.

Tracer community has already made some promising progress in getting the word out to institutional finance (the AFR article earlier year on its capital raising, and the submissions @jack-mycelium made to the Senate enquiries). The following outlets might be good to consider:

  • Livewire markets, this is pretty much the virtual watercooler for the Australian asset management sector;
  •, they’ve done some excellent articles on what the big overseas banks and custodians are doing to prepare to engage with crypto, they’ve also got a space for sponsored content;
  • Economics Explained, which is a podcast hosted by a former (Australian) Treasury official. His previous topics demonstrate a willingness to engage with a broad range of ideas, and some of his podcasts have been picked up in more mainstream coverage;
  • Epicenter, this is a podcast focussing on the DeFi community, but the hosts have a really good grasp on institutional finance’s architecture.

I may only have a piece of overall puzzle as to Tracer’s overall engagement strategy, so I’d be happy if someone wanted to explain this in greater detail.