Lion's Mane Introduction

The Lion’s Mane team are excited to be working for Tracer DAO and building a decentralised financial system. We’re a team of many economists, hackers and creatives who have been building in the DeFi space for the past few years. Now being engaged by the Tracer DAO, we’re eager to make our mark and ship code.

Tracer DAO has allocated Lion’s Mane 21.5% of the 1 billion Tracer governance tokens. 21,500,000 TCR were vested immediately, 32,250,000 TCR will be vested 6 months from now and the remaining 161,250,000 TCR will be vested on a pro rata basis over the coming three years. Lion’s Mane will be very transparent about where tokens are moved and by whom they are held. We wish to be as open as possible.

The proposal to appoint Lion’s Mane was passed by 100 globally distributed Tracer DAO members who will collectively receive 1% of TCR vested over the coming three years. Lion’s Mane will not be proposing or voting with its share of the governance rights unless the DAO modifies our initial agreement. We will be contributing our views to DAO member discussions about the correct path forward for Tracer and advocating smart contract installations and ecosystem initiatives that we deem valuable. Though, at the end of the day, decision making is determined by the DAO - as it should be.

We wish for Tracer to have a thriving community that cares deeply about building globally connected smart contract infrastructure that grants individuals in third world countries the same financial access and security that banks and funds have. This infrastructure will be vastly more secure, reliable, cheap and efficient than the infrastructure that underlies the current financial system.

The Lion’s Mane team has been developing a perpetual swap protocol, as well as other contract frameworks that we’re excited to bring to Tracer DAO. We’re going to be releasing details on the perpetual swap protocol in the next few weeks.

Learn a bit more about our commitments to Tracer DAO here.

Be sure to join the discord and message any of the Lion’s Mane Team if you have any extra questions, or just shoot them in the replies below.