Governor Applications

Applications for Governors for Tracer DAO have now been closed. Attached is the list of current applications that have been received. Members are now welcome to discuss which applicants they feel best fit the previously defined criteria (attached in link here). Lion’s Mane will also be reviewing the current list to curate a recommendation to the DAO on prospective applicants.

Current Governor applications

Applications for becoming an alpha tester have been extended. Applicants are reminded to refer others who they feel would also value-add to the Tracer DAO.

Apply to be an Alpha Tester


Great, getting more and more people.
Let’s BUIDL.


Wishing best applications should get opportunity and responsibility for being the Governors.

P.S. Although, I strongly believe the team has vetted every profile thoroughly. But wanted to double check regarding recommendation list. I’ve gone very deep in understanding Tracer and shared my vision in the application. Please check once if it has been slipped through in plethora of applications.
Discord: @dheerajhasija1992#4807

Thanks in advance!