Governance Application Process

Applications to govern Tracer will be accepted for the next two weeks, potentially extending further if required. Once applications are closed, Lion’s Mane will be compiling and presenting to Tracer DAO a list of the 200 applicants with the strongest applications. We will also release the full list of applicants for the Tracer ecosystem to see and evaluate. From this point, it is up to Tracer DAO to make a decision as to the best applicants. View the criteria Lion’s Mane will be selecting for in this article - “Govern Tracer”.

Foreseeably, Tracer DAO will wish to grant governance rights to the 200 successful applicants, to allow them to contribute positively to Tracer via involvement in future governance decisions. These governors will receive 50000 TCR tokens to participate in governance.

Some things to note:

  • Following this process, Lion’s Mane will be taking down the list of applicants to protect those individual’s data and privacy rights.
  • In sharing the list, we will not be disclose personal information such as email address.
  • Applicants are encouraged to create new Ethereum addresses to provide for their applications as these will be also disclosed in the list.

Till when is the governance application open?
I’m reading whitepaper in detail and might need few more hours to understand and plan for applying here.

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Hi @dheerajhasija1992, the plan is to have the application process running up to the 22nd March. This is assuming that we have enough applications submitted by then.