GFP: Visual Asset Creation and Creative Consultation

Growth Fund Proposal


I, Bob_Boyle_1662 offer my services to Tracer DAO Growth Fund ( DAO ) in order to work with the DAO on creating visual assets and strategies to further encourage engagement amongst the Tracer community. This work will help retain the interest of existing members, as well entice growth amongst the pool of prospective members in the peripheral defi and traditional finance communities.


For the provision of these services, Bob_Boyle_1662 requests:

  • 15,000 TCR tokens immediately; and
  • 485,000 TCR tokens vested pro rata on weekly basis over the course of 52 weeks, starting on the day of this proposal.

Remuneration to be provided to: 0x682BdE2Ac78BCC2dF7d19dfA747cc6dCE9d3392b


If engaged by Proposal to provide the services described in this Proposal to the DAO, Bob_Boyle_1662 will provide the following ( Deliverables ):

  • Graphic / 3d design, animation, and meme assets

*3-5 graphics and/ or animations a week (files formatted for appropriate platforms)

*A selection of 5 to 10 memes weekly (meme content frequency is subject fluctuation based on time intensity of its creation, still images and gif taking less time, video format accounting for approximately twice the time)

· Other deliverables

Bob_boyle_1662 's services are not limited to the aforementioned, and if called upon for services in a role falling outside the outlined parameters of (Graphic / 3d design, animation, and meme assets), time spent in said role will be deducted pro rata from requirements of the former.

· At the end of each quarter a quarterly summary of my activities provided by Discourse to Tracer DAO community;

· Regular presence in the Tracer DAO community.

*deliverable schedule is subject variation at request of Mycelium team based on need. (i.e.- if Tracer has an upcoming event and requires content in excess of weekly deliverables, future deliverables may be called upon to what extent is possible within the timeframe for usage within that week)

Variation and Termination

Bob_Boyle_1662 acknowledges that, if engaged, my engagement can be varied or terminated by future Proposals.
Bob_Boyle_1662 expects that any engagement will be terminated if I fail to deliver in accordance with the deliverables specified above.

Conflicts of Interest

In the context of the Tracer project, conflicts of interest include:

Existing Service Providers who are Related Parties; and
Existing (vested and unvested) holdings of TCR tokens.
Bob_Boyle_1662 wishes to declare the following conflicts of interest:

“No conflicts of interest to declare.”


Unless otherwise defined in this offer, all terms beginning with a capital letter which are defined in the Participation Agreement have the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.

If this offer is accepted as a Proposal under the Participation Agreement, Bob_Boyle_1662 may more formally document aspects of that Proposal.

Copyright Waiver

Copyright and related rights to this Proposal are waived pursuant to CC0.

Consensus check
  • Accept GFP → Growth Fund Managers accept
  • Reject GFP

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Bob is a great contributor to Tokemak. +1 for BB


I feel this proposal is missing a few key things:

  1. The relevance of this work to the Tracer strategy
  2. Details about what this compensation implies (do we know roughly what the market will value the tokens at?) To me, it feels a bit rich to ask for that many tokens.
  3. What is the quality of work and prior work? Maybe I missed it but to an observer it would be very helpful with arguments for why this makes sense and what other options have been proposed.

In general, I think it sets a dangerous precedent for individuals to grab tokens for themselves through governance. I think if a contributor is providing significant value to the DAO, then other members of the DAO may discuss and propose a plan to bring this person on full time. Otherwise we will trigger a flood of people pushing to grab tokens. Furthermore, I think it would be very helpful with guidance on how such proposals can look, definitely feel my above points need to be reflected in such guidance.


Hi Robdog,

All very relevant concerns, and to the best of my ability I will attempt to reassure you that I am not here trying to just grab some tokens. As for the relevance of the work, I believe having an engaged DAO can make or break a project, and garnering as well as keeping the attention of members is paramount to Tracers success. Tracer DAO has a strong voice, and I hope to amplify that through my work here. I plan to be a long term member of the Tracer community.

In reference to compensation, building these assets, the narratives around them which correlate with Tracer DAO identity and strategically rolling them out into the community all takes time. To do it correctly is a full time job. I will be allocating roughly 27 hours worth of work a week to Tracer in deliverables format, and likely more disseminating that material.

As to quality of work prior, you can reference the Tokemak community where I worked with the above referenced Internet Paul on community management as well as consulted on design elements for social end of the project.

In reference to the last paragraph, I believe Growth Fund Proposals by nature can not be cash grabs as the decisions are made by the Growth Fund Managers who seem well qualified to make hiring and capitol allocation decisions. I have been doing a significant amount of work for Tracer DAO of my own accord in way of producing visual assets and engaging the community. It was suggested to me in the discord by members of the Tracer DAO that i put together a proposal to make my contributions a consistent and official part of the DAO. I am very excited to put forth as much energy as I can into contributing to the Tracer DAO.

Hi @Bob_Boyle_1662
I really appreciate the explanations and do not doubt your valuable contributions and abilities. I don’t intend to in any way torpedo your chances of getting your proposal through, however, I believe my concerns are perhaps not quite adequately addressed by your comment/proposal, which could make it challenging to generate community support. What I mean by this is:

  1. Are there some observed needs from the Tracer DAO in terms of how many assets we need and what kind of assets? For example, you quote a certain about of materials, does this make sense? I am not trying to be nitpicky here but I think the alignment between services/needs is critical for your services to be useful, and I think it really brings a lot more credibility if that need is expressed not by you, but by the rest of the DAO.
  2. You mention references, nobody in the community will go around searching for the references. I would propose to link a portfolio of materials and perhaps show evidence of what your contributions to Tracer have been so far.
  3. Is the compensation reasonable. What % of supply is this, what is estimated market value in $ etc. I think these are important points for the community to make up its mind.

So again, I am not trying to say your proposal does not make sense, I am just saying that I feel these things are missing for me to make up my mind, and I would imagine the Growth Fund Managers and rest of the community might appreciate those points as well.

Seconding @Robdog here - have very much enjoyed your work on the Discord meme channel but would be keen to see a portfolio of work you’ve done in the other projects you’ve mentioned as well.

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Sniper in the Spotlight
Predjudicies out in the open first! - I am a sucker for a good meme and I am absolutely loving the sniper meme. I have been following the meme theme and am loving it.

From a marketing perspective, a promotions perspective, a good meme is worth a lot, especially in this crowded market. And from a community perspective, one good graphic, one good meme, can bring a community together. The sniper theme, the tracer bullet, is already a major rally point for the Tracer community - a common identity that a lot have adopted, and I would say, has enhanced the common bond of members. It struck a chord from the moment he first dropped them into the Discord. This is so important I wanted to touch on that first.

The economics
@Bob_Boyle_1662 has proposed an exchange his time and skill for 500,000 tokens over 52 weeks. That equates to ….


Total Tokens (TCR) 500,000 ₸
USD@0.05USD/TRC $25,000
Period (weeks) 52 weeks
TCR Weekly 9,615 ₸
USD Weekly $480
Hours/Week 27 hrs
TCR /Hr 356 ₸
USD/Hr $17.80

For this remuneration, @Bob_Boyle_1662 is proposing to deliver the following:


Video Heavy Graphics Heavy Mixed
Tracer themed animated memes 5 2
Tracer themed graphic memes 10 5
Tracer themed animations 3 2
Tracer themed graphic 5 3
Total Assets/Week 8 15 12
Cost per Asset $60.10 $32.05 $40.06

I do not know what is fair market value for this type of work. I cant really comment on this.

Other Considerations
But importantly to me is some of the other considerations:

  1. @Bob_Boyle_1662 has made a commitment of the next 52 weeks of his life of almost 3/4 of his workdays, with no assurance that at week 4, week 16, week 27 etc that the DAO will not make a proposal that his services are no longer required. That is a risk that needs to be considered.
  2. At anytime the DAO can terminate or vary the proposal - unvested TRC is returned to the treasury. The DAO is only committed week by week.
  3. I note @Bob_Boyle_1662 has no upside – no bonus if he over-delivers – other than (hopefully) the appreciation of TRC he holds.
  4. @Bob_Boyle_1662 is also agreeing to flexible delivery, if the need arises, he will take on more work if required, to meet the demand of the organisation. Yes he does get that offset future work – and this is fair.
  5. He will also provide regular participation in the Tracer DAO Community
  6. Importantly, this is value for token, not value for money. Now, TRC may go up, and we all probably think it will, and that is one reason why we are here. However, it may go down.
  7. Bob has committed to payment in the token of the realm, which by the way, is a governance token. What is the secondary market for TRC? Can Bob cash out his TRC? Or is he committed to being committed to Tracer/TRC?

This sums up to an almost risk-free position for Tracer, with a lot of flexibility.

On top of this, @Bob_Boyle_1662 has proven himself to the community, he has put wood on the fire before asking for warmth, and in my book that goes a long way. I would hazard a guess, that even if the proposal did not pass, that @Bob_Boyle_1662 would still contribute and produce valuable items for the DAO. These are the type of characteristics of members which underpin a vibrant, sustaining, self-generating organization, the difference between a contractor versus a community member. Even if Bob did it with an agenda, he took the risk of proving his worth on his own shoulders.

I know other members have made graphics; @Magnus @josesosmosis etc, and @Bob_Boyle_1662 picked up on a theme from @Requiem. Focussing on @Bob_Boyle_1662 - he made 37 posts since he joined about 4 weeks ago, including 5 Tracer themed animated memes, 3 Tracer themed graphic memes, 4 Tracer themed animations, and 4 Tracer themed graphics. A big proportion of the meme output.

The question comes to one of value?

Value to Tracer
The question then is 17.80 USD/Hour value for money. In a delivery sense, is [3-5 graphics+5-10 memes] / ~10,000 TRC value for token? If you consider the resources being poured into development costs, there has to be a commensurate amount going into raising the profile and awareness of the project; it is no good building a Ferrari and not telling people its coming to a shop near you!!!

A standard measure for people to consider participating in a blockchain project, in a token, is usually:

  1. The APY (how much yield they will get every year), and
  2. the Total Locked Value (how much money other people have been willing to put into it)

For utility tokens, especially during development, these 2 factors just cannot compete with the other tokens and coins out there in the marketplace. So for us to raise the global awareness of Tracer, to bring people into the community, to feed the ecosystem, we need to capture attention through some other mechanism. We do have some very clever people doing the Tracer Drops, the Presentations, the Articles, the Conferences, the Submissions, all to help position Tracer in people’s awareness, and this works on a certain level, for a certain audience. However, we have a wide audience to appeal to, and memes and visual devices are a very good way to do this.

$25,000 for 3/4 of a year’s work hours - I may be stuck in some Australian wage vortex, but that does not seem over asking to me, especially considering the risk factors. Overall I feel Bob has put a fair proposal.

Continuous Improvement
I went long windy like this - because that’s me :slight_smile: - but more so because I see the point that @Robdog is making - how can you make a good governance decision without some of the information that has been surfaced through the type of analysis? I dropped another treatise in the governance process forum where I put shared some ideas about the process.

And that’s my 2trc worth!

I hope this has been valuable and not annoying!


Again excellent breakdown @jme , really appreciate the additional color and clarity. In this context I would like to clarify that I am in fully support of @Bob_Boyle_1662 s proposal!


Hey @Robdog that is great - and I think a real underscoring of the missing headings from the template! @Bob_Boyle_1662 I hope to see you on board soon!!!

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Wow @jme ! I was working on putting something along those alines together, but really I believe that about covers everything. Thank you for the incredible help on that, and thank you @Robdog for the support! Looking forward to the amazing future thats in store for Tracer DAO.

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I’d accept the @Bob_Boyle_1662 proposal, for memes are just modern marketing in my opinion, and consistent meme marketers are rare to find, rare to keep as well.


This is an amazing summary, thanks @jme . I think the point you touch on on @Bob_Boyle_1662 already being an active contributor is a big thing - he’s proven his output in the community already without any promise of incentive.

He has my support for this proposal