GFP: Sam Gilmore

Gunsmiths Squadron - Tracer Animation Logos

I, Sam Gilmore, tender my services to Tracer DAO in order to work on the Tracer Animation Logo project within the Gunsmiths Squadron.

Using my creative freedom specified in the project, the task involves:

  1. 3x Logo Animations to be used as content for social media and the Tracer Discord (Looping gif/animation of Tracer Logo).
    1. Perpetual Pools — Focusing on swapping tokens, and a “pool” visual
    2. Tracer Factory (using the factory to build contracts and markets)
    3. Logo based animation (using arrows)

Tracer DAO requests the flow and narrative of the moving graphic elements to illustrate the function of Tracer DAO, the first product: Perpetual Pools & and a generic logo version.

If successfully assigned, I will work closely with the Mycelium team to ensure the quality and direction of these animations.


For the provision of these services, Sam Gilmore requests:

  1. (6750) USDC equivalent paid in TCR.

This proposal requests 50% of the TCR to be paid upfront. Following the submission of work to the Mycelium team, the remaining 50% of TCR will be sent.


If engaged by Proposal to provide the services described in this Proposal to the DAO, Sam Gilmore will provide the following Deliverables :

  1. 3 x short Tracer branded animations.
    1. Perpetual Pools — Focusing on swapping tokens, and a “pool” visual
    2. Tracer Factory (using the factory to build contracts and markets)
    3. Logo based animation (using arrows)



Full portfolio:

Variation and Termination

  1. Sam Gilmore acknowledges that, if engaged, its engagement can be varied or terminated by Growth Fund Managers.
  2. Sam Gilmore expects that any engagement will be terminated if they fail to deliver in accordance with the deliverables specified above.
  3. Sam Gilmore acknowledges that Tracer DAO has the right to seek review of deliverable before payment of final instalment.

Conflicts of Interest

In the context of the Tracer project, conflicts of interest include:

  1. Existing Service Providers who are Related Parties; and
  2. Existing (vested and unvested) holdings of TCR tokens.

Sam Gilmore wishes to declare the following conflicts of interest:

  1. No conflicts of interest.


Unless otherwise defined in this offer, all terms beginning with a capital letter which are defined in the Participation Agreement have the same meaning unless the context otherwise requires.

If this offer is accepted as a Proposal under the Participation Agreement, Sam Gilmore may more formally document aspects of that Proposal.

Copyright Waiver

Copyright and related rights to this Proposal are waived pursuant to CC0.

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Make sure you take a look at the yAxis video.

Stellar work. It would be a real bonus to have Sam working for Tracer. 100% support this proposal.

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Why pay in TCR and not DAI instead? We enough of other tokens in our treasury. The TRC paid out will be dumped for other tokens immediately anyway. Also those works are pretty neat, but I think they’re in no way worth thousands of dollars. We can find artists outside of crypto world that will do the job better and much cheaper.

There currently isn’t any DAI funds that sit within the remit of the Growth Fund treasury. The Growth Fund is separate to the DAO treasury as per the proposal here: Proposal #16: Tracer Growth Fund