Delta Neutral AMM white paper

In the “Tracer Perpetual Swaps” paper the author mentioned a Delta Neutral AMM (dnAMM) saying the “Tracer dnAMM is explained in a separate paper”. I have been unable to find this paper. Can anyone provide a link?

This was relating to the Delta Neutral AMM that we were going to deploy with our Perpetual Swaps financial contract before we made the decision to go through with Perpetual Pools.

It hasn’t been released to the public yet. It will most likely be published closer to when we look to deploy the Perpetual Swaps financial contract.

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Thank you

My application is fractional ownership of new airliners with each fraction represented as a NFT and further as F-NFT’s, each analogous to an air ticket. Each aircraft is dedicated to one scheduled route and rendered as a DAO. The purpose is to provide scheduled air travel at cost price.

A decentralised automated market maker is required which adapts to the scheduled depreciation of the aircraft; x ∗ y = k−t where t is the depreciation per millisecond referenced to Unix Timestamp is my best effort. Would Mycelium be interested in working with me to develop a suitable AMM?

The NFT’s will be a yield bearing asset therefore your Perpetual Swaps or Perpetual Pools would be of interest. The industry standard metric is RASK (revenue per available seat kilometer) and an industry oracle is available. An owner of the NFT would then be able to hedge RASK. Tokenising Future Yield would be a further element to consider.

Let me know if this is of interest to your team.

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Hey, happy to chat about this a bit more, interesting concept: Calendly - Josh

I am sorry, I have neither a calendar platform or Calendly. I would be happy to send you via e-mail a draft W/P which covers the concept.

Own your own airline