Create the TOKE/USDC(3x leverage) market


Risk management for TOKEMAK’s stakers to protect their high profits.


TOKEMAK is great project!
Tracer and TOKEMAK are partners,help each other to grow together.
TOKEMAK’s liquidity is very good and the price is relatively stable.

  • Support EOI
  • Oppose EOI

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There needs to be a price feed oracle. There currently does not exist such a price feed on Chainlink (see: Decentralized Price Reference Data | Chainlink), but this would definitely be doable if a suitable feed oracle was added.

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How to add it?
We can do it.

It would be easier to advance this with TOKEMAK if the team supports.

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I believe comms with Tokemak are already underway, they liked the idea

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Forgot one, TOKE/USDC can also get the same liquidity mining rewards as ETH/USDC and BTC/USDC.

As per @my_name_uhh’s comment, there needs to be a price feed for in order for there to be a market on the TOKE token. We are currently in discussion with the Tokemak team about working out a way for this to happen.

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