Collaboration between Tracer DAO and DeFi Pulse

Hello everyone, My name is Chris Eley, and I run partnerships at DeFi Pulse. We, as a team, are very excited about the Tracer project. We are interested in utilizing our content engine and distribution channels to develop a content strategy that helps Tracer DAO educate and grow its user base. We propose a marketing and content partnership between Tracer DAO and DeFi Pulse.

Here is a quick overview for those not as familiar with DeFi Pulse and our unique position in the DeFi Ecosystem. DeFi Pulse is a company that comprises different products and lines of business, such as DeFi Indices, Industry Analytics, and Content. The DeFi Pulse website is where you can find the latest DeFi analytics and rankings. Our rankings track the total value locked into the smart contracts of popular DeFi applications and protocols. Additionally, we curate The DeFi List, a collection of the best resources in DeFi, and DeFi Pulse Farmer, a newsletter covering the latest news and opportunities in DeFi. Our articles and statistics have been featured by Bloomberg, Coindesk, The DeFiant, Bankless and countless other blogs and news outlets.

The potential partnership between DeFi Pulse and Tracer DAO will leverage DeFi Pulse’s growing community, distribution channels, and content engine to engage DeFi native users, traders and builders. We plan to work with Tracer DAO and its members to produce content that focuses on educating potential users about technical updates, feature improvements, and statistical analysis of the protocol.

All of the articles, content, and statistical analysis produced will be shared via our distribution channels (twitter, telegram, discord, blog, website, newsletter) that reach hundreds of thousands of DeFi users daily.

Additionally, some members of DeFi Pulse have been accepted into Tracer DAO governance. Any involvement with governance would be as private individuals, and as such, within a strictly non-professional capacity.


I’ve definitely found some good projects I otherwise wouldn’t have if not for DeFi Pulse. A partnership between us would definitely be a good idea.

Though I would hold off on putting Tracer on the TVL list until when we have a notable amount of TVL.


Love hearing these types of stories. I completely understand making sure Tracer has a good showing when they are added to the rankings. I think we can help a lot with making sure it is a great showing though.


+ 1 on the TVL suggestions. This partnership would be great for community outreach.


Partnering with DeFi Pulse this early on will be a great deal for Tracer. The DeFi List is for many in DeFi the first thing they look for if they seek for more legitimacy in a project.

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Glad to have you onboard Celey !

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This sounds like a great idea for exposure and community integration.

Everybody gets around a little bit of DeFi Pulse.

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Yeah, a partnership with DeFi Pulse would be great for community outreach and exposure.

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Shared interests and a common goal. This has to happen!

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