Code 423n4 Audit - Operations

Code Arena (Code 423n4 or C4) Operations

Further to the previously posted EOI, Code 423n4 has agreed to facilitate a community based audit for the Tracer Perpetual Swaps Contracts, starting on 24 June 2021.

Funding the Audit

To ensure audit can proceed with the planned timeline, Lion’s Mane (Mycelium) has already paid the following costs:

  • $16,000 USDC for Code 423n4; and
  • $80,000 USDC for the bug bounty award pool.

Accordingly, Lion’s Mane (Mycelium) will seek to be reimbursed $96,000 USDC by Tracer DAO via proposal at a later date.

As distinct from the terms of the EOI, TCR tokens will no longer be sent to Code 423n4 or in the bounty award pool.

Help Tracer DAO Prepare for the Audit

The audit will run for a total period of one week starting from 24/06/21 - 12:00am UTC time.

Prior to the audit, everyone wishing to participate in the audit should join the C4 Discord channel to register their address as per the documentation here: Become a Code 423n4 Warden.

View the countdown for the Tracer contest to begin here: Code 423n4. There will be a total of $80,000 USDC offered in the prize pool for bugs found in the Tracer Perpetual Swap contracts as per the criteria here: Judging Criteria.

Please share with anyone who would be interested in auditing the Tracer contracts in return for USDC.

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