Alpha Testing Applications - Perpetual Swaps

Applications for Tracer Perpetual Swaps Alpha Testing have now closed. Below is the list of the 1650 applications that were received. Existing Governors are now encouraged to discuss which applicants they feel best fit the previously defined criteria in the thread below and in the Discord. In the meantime, Lion’s Mane will review all of the applications and curate various shortlists to assist the DAO with choosing the next batch of Governors.

Current Tracer Perpetual Swap Alpha Testing Applications.

As part of an initial cleaning process, the entries with the following characteristics have already been removed:

  1. Duplicate Eth addresses (the most recent submissions by date (prior to the duplication) were retained);
  2. As above but for email addresses;
  3. Written responses under 15 characters; and
  4. Eth addresses with invalid character lengths.

A second round of applications to govern Tracer DAO has been opened. Applicants are reminded to refer others who they feel would also add value to Tracer DAO.

Apply to be a Tracer DAO Governor.

Might want to fix the link to the previously defined criteria, the site rebuild probably messed the url up.

We can probably further filter our list by imposing a minimal word count (5? 6?), since a lot of these are still low effort applications.

Some numbers for now:

Traders: 1439
Market Makers: 325
Insurers: 93
Liquidators: 207
Oracle Experts: 82

I’d suggest starting by reviewing applicants that are either insurers or oracle experts since there are a lot less applicants with these attributes, we don’t want to miss them by including too many of the other roles.

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