Alpha Testing Applications: Lion's Mane Recommendation

The 1650 applications for Tracer Perpetual Swaps Alpha Testing have now been reviewed by the Lion’s Mane Team. Due to the volume of applications, only one shortlist has been created to assist the DAO in selection.

The primary goal of this Alpha Test is to efficiently expose a variety of traders to Perpetual Swap trading on Tracer. It is therefore expected that those who are familiar with the process of trading and those who have previously been involved in Alpha Testing will provide the most valuable and critical feedback. Therefore, the Lion’s Mane team have chosen to assess the ~1480 trader applications available.

Beyond the initial cleaning process, which is detailed here, the following selection process was completed:

  1. 2-3 Lion’s Mane team members independently conducted a blind assessment of whether an application should progress to a shortlisted round. No numeric targets were set, so any applications that resonated with the team member were given the signal to progress.

  2. Consensus outcomes were immediately actioned - if all members signalled progression, the application was moved to a shortlist. If all members agreed against progression, the application was archived.

  3. For the applications that did not reach consensus, they were revisited by 1-2 team members to consider both their team members initial judgement alongside their own and make a final decision on whether the application would be shortlisted. Once this was completed, the shortlist was ~200 applicants long.

  4. In this shortlist, applications were scored on a 1-4 scale by 2-3 team members; 4 being an outstanding application that should certainly be an Alpha tester, and 1 being certainly not an Alpha tester.

  5. ~50 of the 100 available places were filled by shortlisted 4s. The remainder of the places were backfilled by 3s.

  6. The final list and the remainder of the shortlist were locked and compared holistically by 2 team members. This allowed for group-to-group comparison (rather than comparing applicants directly to each other) and some adjustments were made.

  7. The Alpha testing list and unsuccessful shortlisted applicants were reviewed and approved by all team members involved in the selection process.

The LM recommended Alpha testers can be found in the list below:

Alpha Testing - Final LM Recommendation

The community is invited to discuss the approach outlined and are welcome to present alternative lists of their own selection, or highlight entries they believe require further attention.

A reminder that a second round of applications to govern Tracer DAO is open. If you have applied previously, your application will be considered in ongoing rounds and you do not need to reapply if you wish to keep your existing response. Alpha Testers or Governors who make a successful referral for the next Governor recommendation will be granted an additional 5,000 TCR governance tokens per successful referral.

Apply to be a Tracer DAO Governor


~Whistle~ the dev of Zerion is alpha testing Tracer!

From what I can see, most of the applications at least have experiences with cex, a lot of them have experiences with dex, and a notable number of them also have experiences with either alpha testing other protocols or is a dev of some kind.

Thanks to Lion’s Mane for combing through that huge list, you guys did a great job!


Thanks team for looking through the list selectively!

Some thoughts, say if some of the 100 in the whitelist forgot to carry out the alpha test or are unaware that they are alpha-testers, do we have a secondary pool of alpha testers that could be called upon?


Interesting point. The intent of selecting 100 was so that we would still have enough testers if this happened. Establishing an on-chain proposal for claiming is no small process for the team to run…