About the System Proposals category

Formal platform for system proposals to Tracer DAO to be presented and refined.

Proposals in this channel require moderator approval to ensure the correct formatting standard for proposals. Snapshot voting is now LIVE. DAO members will now be able to vote without paying a transaction fee thanks to the Snapshot integration. Members will now be able to interact with Snapshot for governance proposals via the link here.

The system proposal process follows the following schedule:

  1. Proposal consensus is built through the Discourse. Any member may post in the EOI category to express interest for a proposal (informal/unformatted). Proposals may be formalised based on EOI posts. Additionally, proposals may be pushed straight to the System Proposals category if they are correctly formatted and specified.

  2. Proposal is pushed to Snapshot by any DAO member (holding TCR tokens) referencing the proposal on Discourse in the Proposal Lobby.

  3. Proposal in Proposal Lobby is then updated with it’s respective proposal number on Snapshot (Proposal #xx:) by Discourse moderators. Numbered proposals signify that a proposal has been pushed through to Snapshot.

  4. Voting process: There will be 2 days of Snapshot voting immediately after the proposal is live (only DAO members may vote). Snapshot voting requires a majority vote for a proposal to successfully pass.

  5. After a successful Snapshot vote, the technical implementation will be created by the Mycelium team (or created by the proposer if they wish to create it themselves). The Mycelium implementation will be published on the Tracer Github once completed.

  6. The proposal may then be pushed on-chain by a DAO member.
    a. Through Etherscan;
    b. Through Governance Interface; or
    c. By any other means.

  7. Multisig relay:
    a. After the proposal is pushed on-chain there is an initial 2-day warm-up period;
    b. After the warm-up, the multisig is able to relay and execute the results from the Snapshot votes (via multisig on-chain vote). The multisig has a total of 5 days to relay the voting results on-chain. (3 days voting + 2 days cool down); and
    c. At the end of the 5 days, the proposal is executed on-chain and is live.

Any suggestions on improving, changing or optimising this process are welcomed.