About the Growth Fund Proposals category

A platform to propose Growth Fund Proposals to Growth Fund Managers as per the proposal: Proposal #16: Tracer Growth Fund.

Growth Fund Proposals (‘GFP’) will use the same template as normal proposals - How to create a Tracer DAO Proposal. Growth Fund proposals may be created to fund Service/Growth contributions (in exchange for TCR) including:

  • New Service Providers and contractors and employees of existing Service Providers;
  • Operational expenditure;
  • Advisory; and
  • Short-term development.

The Growth Fund also accounts for cash reserves of TCR to be used to cater for situations where the Growth Fund needs to exchange TCR for non-TCR tokens (particularly USD/USDC) to support the aforementioned activities of the Growth Fund Managers.

GFPs are presented to the Growth Fund Managers for a decision to either accept or reject a GFP via the multisig.

GFPs cannot be proposed to make changes to factory based financial contracts or any other DAO treasury funds. If the mentioned proposals that sit outside of the remit of GFPs are submitted as a GFP, they will be directed to the System Proposals - Tracer by Discourse moderators.

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